About our Search

Searching websites and the internet for products, and services can be exhausting. City Business Listing powers two types of searches in order to better serve both the public, and respective businesses in finding what they need when they need it! Not to worry, it’s simple, just follow the instructions below.

How to use the search:

Front end search – The front end search was developed for the consumer, or business owner in order to easily browse through thousands businesses offering those products and services.

  1. Insert Company Name: Enter a name of a business should you know it, and voila! there they are.
  2. City or Province: Enter a location to search a specific area in Canada
  3. Select a Category: Select a category to browse the abundant high quality listings offered.

(You may enter one, or all criteria for your search.)

Custom Advanced Search – Our custom advanced search is specifically tailored to allow you to find particular products & services. By using advanced Range of Services tags (Custom Keywords), Distance, Age, Industry, and location you will be sure to locate the best products, services and businesses we have to offer. Begin by clicking the “Custom Search” tab under the green search button.

  1. Distance around my position: Adjusting this bar will limit the search to only finding businesses within the specified range.
  2. Days Published: will allow you to choose the age of the publications.
  3. Location: Entering these will limit your search to the area you specify.
  4. Category: Will allow you to search one category at a time.
  5. Range of Services: This field is magic! You can use it to search any word that comes to your mind when looking for products, services, suppliers, and consumers!

We hope you enjoy our site, and please contact customer support for any problems!